The Top 5 Dating Shows to Binge: 2022 Edition

Way back when, we wrote a list of the top 5 dating shows to binge during lockdown. Here we are a few years later, still cranking through dating shows to pass the time away! Cue drum roll… the all-new, totally fresh, not-to-be-missed top 5 dating shows for your viewing pleasure in 2022.

1. Love Island

Originating in the UK, this reality dating hit (with multiple international versions) brings together a group of “Islanders” who must wisely pair up if they want to be voted the fan-favorite couple and win the cash prize at the end. Participants must face a mix of difficult challenges, new arrivals, and dramatic twists all while trying to form and maintain genuine relationships with the other Islanders. Which couple in the end will walk away with both the cash prize and love? You can stream current seasons on Hulu and Peacock, and catch up on the oldies on Netflix.

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette

A tried and true fan favorite since 2002, the bachelorette has returned for its 19th season with a first time twist - two co-lead bachelorettes for the entire show! The new season follows Gabby and Rachel, co-runner-ups on Clayton Echard’s season of the bachelor, as they try to find love from a pool of 32 potential suitors. In past seasons, the drama has mostly stemmed from contestants fighting for the love and attention of the bachelorette. However, we are sure to see some unexpected situations as the ladies try to navigate this new process and try not to fall for the same man in the process. You can catch up on the dramatic season on Hulu or ABC.

3. Love is Blind

Could you fall in love and get engaged to someone you‘ve never seen in person? Well if you said yes, Love is Blind may be the perfect set up for you! This social experiment turned Netflix hit follows 15 men and women over the course of 10 days as they date each other in “pods” where they can only communicate through a speaker. Over time, the participants begin to couple up and only ever meet face to face after a marriage proposal is extended and accepted. From there, the newly engaged couples spend time at a couples retreat before going back to the “real world” where they continue to learn more about their partner's life. By the end of the journey, the participants must decide at the altar if they want to say “I do” to their happy ending or must give a heartbreaking goodbye. To see if love is really blind, check out the first 2 seasons on Netflix.

4. Love on the Spectrum

Everyone wants and deserves to find love, and this show is helping make that possible. Love on the Spectrum is an Australian (and now U.S.) show that showcases people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of love and relationships with a little help from their family and the occasional relationship coach. More than anything, this show will fill your heart with joy and remind you that we humans want the same thing - love (and a few tasty snacks ha). You can stream all seasons of Love on the Spectrum Australia and U.S. on Netflix now.

5. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

In this provocative new series, six couples put their relationships on the line to figure out if their love has what it takes to survive… or not. In this occasionally awkward experiment, one partner in each couple gives an ultimatum to the other… propose or break up. But wait, there’s more. Each couple is then split up and reassigned to a new “single” contestant. These sets of strangers must then mutually decide to enter a three week “trial marriage,” which involves living together. After 21 days, the original couples reunite and go through the trial marriage themselves. At the end of the process, they must choose to either propose to their first love or dump them for their new found connection. The end of this whirlwind show will have you thinking, “Is this really a good way to start a marriage?” - you can binge the whole hot mess express on Netflix.

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