Who is heybaby for?

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Are you single? Want kids or have them already? Then heybaby is for you.

How much does heybaby cost?

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For now, heybaby is free.

How do I get started?

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You can download heybaby in the Apple App Store


Does heybaby only work on iPhone?

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At the moment, heybaby only works on iPhone. Stay tuned for Android.

What do you do with my data?

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We'll never share your data. And it's protected with the latest encryption and security measures. Learn more by reading our

Privacy Policy.

What if I already have kids?

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We made heybaby for anyone who wants a life with kids. This includes single parents.

Where are the creeps and horndogs?

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Not here. Our intern Kevin might know. Would you like his email? Of course, that question is a trap. And thus concludes this particular FAQ.

Where is heybaby available?

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heybaby is available everywhere in the US. And still free. Hope to see you.

join the waitlist.

What are your community guidelines?

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Let's all be nice and keep heybaby safe. See our

Community Guidelines.