The Top 5 Dating Shows to Binge Watch

These days, sitting at home binge-watching a new show has gone from being a sign of giving up to the de facto plan unless you want to mask up or worry about dodging viruses like you’re Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. Settling in for a long day or night of streaming is the perfect way to decompress and forget about the world for an hour … or four.

From shows that make you wish you could hop on a flight to Paris to a look into a reality we’re all glad we’re not a part of, these five dating shows will keep you entertained through the end of this crazy year.

1. Casual

When newly divorced Valerie and her teenage daughter move in with her eternal bachelor brother, Alex, they find themselves teaching each other hard lessons about love. Alex just happens to be the founder of a successful online dating site and tries to help his sister transition into the world of modern dating. The series takes a funny but brutally honest look at dating after divorce, dating as a single parent, figuring out if you even want love, and learning what it’s like to get your heart broken for the first time as a teenager. You’ll laugh, you might cry, but you’ll also realize that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you can always get back up. (Watch on Hulu)

2. Insecure

Issa and her friends always (well, almost always) have each other’s back through difficult relationships, breakups, new love, and everything in between. Trying to figure out who you are and what you want out of life and a partner isn’t easy. The ladies aren’t shy about the mistakes they make as they travel the bumpy road to romance, and you’ll find yourself cheering them on — and screaming at your TV sometimes — throughout the journey. (Watch on HBO and HBO Max)

3. Emily in Paris

When young and vibrant Emily gets a chance to take the job of her dreams in Paris, it seems like life couldn’t get better. But trying to balance her new career while looking for love in the most romantic city in the world doesn’t go as expected. The entire first season of Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix, so get ready to settle in with some wine and cheese while you go along for the ride!

4. 90 Day Fiancé

Whatever the opposite of “couple goals” is, that’s 90 Day Fiancé. Blame it on the pandemic, but people can’t get enough of watching this group of mismatched couples try to decide if they’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right, or just Mr. or Mrs. Right Now in just 90 days before they have to say, “I Do.” Take notes as you learn exactly what to avoid when looking for the person of your dreams! You can catch up on the hot mess express on Hulu.

5. Coupling

If Friends took place across the pond and cranked up the naughtiness level, you’d have Coupling. Follow a group of friends as they date — sometimes each other — to varying degrees of success but always with a healthy dose of humor. From embarrassing intimate situations, haunting internal dialogues we all experience, and the curveballs that often come your way, this group goes through it all. You can stream all four seasons on Hulu or watch free with your Amazon Prime membership.

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