Why We Named heybaby, heybaby

A few days after we launched heybaby, a young woman wrote us a rather scathing note on Facebook. 

“Did you really name your company heybaby?!? A misogynistic term that is demeaning to all women? As a proud, modern, independent female, I am totally disgusted by this!”

Had our newfound pen pal known that (a.) we’re a company centered around children and babies and (b.) the entire point of the name was to flip a negative into a positive, I’m fairly confident she would have saved her energy for a more worthwhile target. 

But hey, no doubt the name heybaby will cause many folks to think twice. Our job is to make sure the heybaby brand delivers a simple, lighthearted, optimistic message that feels good to people. And wouldn’t it be great if we could eventually suck the wind out of some sexist vernacular? Peace out all you cliché catcalling construction workers!

Apologies, a coworker who’s currently reading over my shoulder (they’re wearing a mask and recently tested negative for Coronavirus but geez) wants me to add yet another point to our “why heybaby is a nice name” post: 

Have you ever said “hey baby” to a loved one in a warm, gentle way? As a term of endearment? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If not, please take it up with my anxious colleague.  

Now, where was I? Hmm. I know I had something super important to say but it’s totally escaped me. Ah well! Take care, thanks for reading, and be safe.

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