The Best Dating Podcasts for Single Parents

The single life has its perks. Single parenthood, however, is a completely different ballgame. One with decidedly fewer perks. Single moms and dads are the unsung superheroes of the world, frankly. They play many roles, and it can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Particularly now that many kids are home full time and remote learning.

One way to cope is to seek out friendly allies — people who’ve been in your situation and who know exactly what it’s like. Listening to podcasts hosted by like-minded single parents can be surprisingly cathartic and help you feel like you’re part of a big team. Here are a few of the best to listen to when you have a little time to yourself. Or a little time to almost yourself.

1. Good Moms Bad Choices

Bad choices? Yep, we can all relate. Hosted by single moms Jamilah “Milah” Mapp and Erica Dickerson, this completely enjoyable podcast is all about empowering you and helping you feel stronger, bolder, and more capable than you ever realized. It can be tough to raise children on your own, no doubt — but these tough-as-nails women aim to redefine what it means to be a single mom. They tackle it all, from sex to dating to stereotypes. No censorship allowed. You can find them here.

2. Single Dad Why You Mad

Chris Clarke and David Crockett are just a couple of single guys trying to make it as successful parents in this insane world. In their widely renowned podcast, they delve into everything: interviews with ex-wives, disciplining children, the cost of raising little ones, and the joys and challenges of being co-parents. It makes for insightful and refreshing discussion that resonates with single people of all genders. Listen here.

3. The Single Mom Podcast

As a single mom of three, Heather Wells knows a thing or two about performing the ultimate juggling act. She’s also a business owner who has discovered the fine art of balancing motherhood with everything else — including a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. Her podcast is devoted to helping fellow single parents readjust their mindsets and view their situations a little bit differently. She does it all with tact, friendliness, and authority. You can hear it here.

4. Single Mother Survival Guide

Julia Hasche knows a thing or two about being a single mom. She’s done it for years, and she’s devoted her journey to helping others. In addition to her popular podcast, the Australian native offers free resources, a handy guide, and a blog on her website. She covers everything from assigning chores to inspiring moms to be the best possible versions of themselves. She takes her role as a mentor seriously, something that’s quite obvious in listening to her passionate podcasts. Have a listen right here.

5. Single Parents Daily

The stresses of single parenthood are obvious. In a word, it’s overwhelming. The hosts of this podcast, Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore, are determined to help you navigate the process by sharing the tools and lessons they’ve picked up along the way. Their podcast delves into everything from dealing with the pandemic to traveling to coping with seemingly endless stress. You can listen right here.

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