How to show that you're a kid-person on a dating app for people who want kids

When you’re a single parent making the rounds with online dating, you’ll probably want to be upfront about it. After all, it can be a waste of time going out with folks who aren’t interested in dating someone with kids. So assuming the dark circles under your eyes aren’t a dead giveaway, it may be worth mentioning your family situation sooner rather than later. 

That’s why using a dating app for people who want kids (or people who are open to others already having kids) is a great way to find like-minded people. These types of dating apps will narrow down the pool of candidates so you can feel comfortable sharing a few details about your awesomely wonderful brood. After all, everyone on the app is there because they want a life with kids. 

Having said all that, here are a few foolproof ways to showcase your love of children so matches know right away what to expect.

1. Use Pictures

On a dating app for people who want kids or have kids, it’s more expected and common to show your kids in your profile. For other dating apps where the atmosphere is more casual and you aren’t sure what peoples’ intentions are, a little more discretion may be necessary. But hey, let’s get back to the kid-friendly-dating-app-advice shall we?  

Having a family picture lets others see what’s important to you. Plus, this type of photo is likely to show you at your most natural and happiest, as you’ll be surrounded by the ones you care about. And you can show off that sweet plastic building block castle you helped your little ones build while subtly showcasing your mental prowess.

Don’t have kids of your own? Consider posting pictures of yourself with your nieces, nephews, or even a close friend’s kids you know well. Just be sure to get their parent or guardian’s permission first. And if you don’t have any photos with kids, don’t sweat it. There are other ways to communicate your family aspirations. 

2. Describe Your Family (or Ideal Family)

Your bio writeup is a great place to talk about the life you have and the life you’re looking for. If you have children, you can mention a few things about them without getting too personal (privacy is important), like their ages and interests. When you meet someone you like and the relationship develops naturally, there will be plenty of time to talk in more depth about your children. And when the time is right, of course, for your new romantic interest to get to know them firsthand. 

If you don’t yet have any children in your life, dedicate a few words in your profile bio to describing your ideal family. Want a big family? Small family? Thinking about adoption? Being honest about your dreams can help you find a better match. 

3. Be Flexible and Accommodating If You Know the Person You’re Meeting Has Children

Single parent dating can be tough, especially if your kids are young and require childcare when you’re not at home. Sitters can sometimes be difficult to arrange and the costs can add up quickly. Don’t be afraid to make plans that are convenient and keep you relatively close to home. 

If you don’t have kids and the person you’re meeting does, be mindful of their challenges and try to make life as easy as possible for them. Find out what time and place works best for the single parent and let them know you’re aware and flexible. It can go a long way with a single parent to know you understand their situation a bit. 

And lastly, if the single parent has to cancel your date at the last minute and reschedule, be understanding and cool about it. As you have surely picked up by now, raising kids can be hard. And when you add dating into the equation, well, things get even more stressful. In fact, just writing this makes me want to have a glass of wine. 

Try a New Online Dating App for People Who Want Kids

Online dating can be tough, especially if you have kids. Those little angels/stinkers just want you all for themselves. While there are definitely great people out there who love little ones as much as you, chances are you’ll have to sift through a sea of not-so-perfect matches on most dating apps to find them.

We created heybaby as a dating app for people who want kids or have kids to make it easier for like-minded parents and future parents to find each other. When you’re here, you don’t have to fret about when to bring up the subject of kids because it’s already a guarantee that everyone you meet from heybaby is on the same page. Skip the hassle and start finding exciting potential for lasting partnerships today. Ok, that last line seemed a bit heavy-handed from a marketing standpoint. Let’s just say this. Try the heybaby app because it’s pretty darn good and we think you’ll like it. Thanks for reading.

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