How to Nail Your Dating App Bio

When it comes to finding love on a dating app, you don’t have long to make a good first impression. With people swiping through profiles faster than Starbucks swipes your Visa, getting your bio right is key to keeping someone interested just long enough to discover how fabulous you are.

Standing out from the crowd can be tough, especially with most single people turning to online dating these days. With these five tips, you can create the perfect profile to put your best self out there.

Use a Recent Photo

If you’ve put on the quarantine fifteen and haven’t had a good night’s slumber in months, you’re not alone. But using only older photos isn’t getting off on the right foot and could lead to hurt feelings down the line when you meet your match face-to-face — or Zoom-to-Zoom. No matter what, use a recent photo as your main picture. Not only is being transparent important, but you’ll also weed out any potential jerks who can’t handle human bodies and faces changing. It’s totally fine to sprinkle in some older photos, maybe from an amazing trip you’ve taken or triumphantly standing at the top of a mountain. Just be sure to keep things up to date as well.

Be Honest, But Don’t Spill All the Beans

Nothing spells dating disaster quite like starting off with half-truths or flat-out lies, so being honest in your bio is essential to truly finding someone who’s your match. But sometimes less is more. When you hear about a new TV show, you want to read a synopsis before settling down to binge, but you don’t want to read someone’s in-depth analysis of every episode before you’ve even pressed play. The same goes for dating profiles. The point of matching with people is to get to know them as you get more comfortable with them. Your profile should be a preview of what’s to come, not your entire story.

Don’t Try Too Hard

When you’re looking for someone to join your family or start a family with, the last thing you want is to end up with someone who doesn’t know the real you. You may look at other profiles and compare yourself and feel like maybe you’re not as witty or funny, or maybe you should say you’re interested in things you think will attract people even if you don’t care about them at all. Set yourself up for success by being yourself. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s OK. It’s worth waiting to find the person who truly likes you for who you are. They are out there.

Enlist the Help of a Few Good Friends

Sometimes the idea of talking about yourself is enough to make you want to change your name and join witness protection. We spend 24/7 with ourselves and yet “tell me about yourself” is probably the most terrifying question on earth. Luckily, our friends are there to help. Try asking a few good friends what your best traits are. Things that make you a good friend are also things that will make you a good partner. Before you hit save on your profile, have a friend or two give it a glance and wait to get the thumbs-up. Getting outside approval from the people closest to you will also give you more confidence in how you’re putting yourself out there.

Remember There’s a Human on the Other Side

We all have preferences. Maybe you’re not looking to date someone who’s newly divorced or who already has kids, even though you do want kids. There are ways to talk about what you’re looking for without making the other person feel bad for not ticking those boxes. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about things you’d like to see in someone’s profile, things you want to know about someone at a quick glance, and things that would quickly have you giving them a thumbs-down.

And if your humor is more on the sarcastic side, you might want to tone it down. Sarcasm often doesn’t read well to someone who doesn’t know you and can come off as rude or worse. Save your sarcastic wit for when you find a connection who will understand just how funny you really are!

Start developing your perfect profile today on heybaby to get one step closer to meeting someone who wants the same things in life, whether you already have kids or can’t wait to start a family of your own. You never know when you’ll find your perfect match!

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