How to Make the Most of Video Dates

Once upon a time — say, sometime in early 2020 — the idea of going on a video date may have seemed downright unappealing. Fast forward a few months and suddenly it seems like the whole world is doing it. Turns out this isn’t some newfangled thing. People who don’t live very close to their significant others, or people who’ve just met and completely clicked with on dating sites, have known the magic of video dating for years now.

But in the age of COVID-19, video dating has taken on particular significance. Since meeting up for coffee or a casual drink is temporarily out of the question, the video date offers the next best thing — a chance to spend some quality time while in the comfort of your own homes. For the uninitiated, or anyone who’s uncertain if it’s the right choice for them, here’s how to make the most of your virtual meet up. 

Have Dinner Together

Perusing the long menu, waiting for your server, fiddling around thinking of clever things to discuss — all typical parts of many early dates. Not so when you go the video route, which instantly lightens the tone just a bit and provides you both with something new to talk about, such as how often you’ve both been in the virtual dating scene and why you might actually kind of love it. 

Use this as a chance to bond over your mutual love of pineapple pizza and binge-watch that one thing that’s all over social media while on FaceTime. Or make it Chinese and a great video clip or show. Whatever is on the menu, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rarity of going on a date from the comfort of your own home.

Show and Tell

Since you’re on video and in your personal surroundings, you can make things fun and interesting with a bit of sharing (should the video date be going well and you feel inspired to reveal more about yourself). Perhaps it’s a favorite piece of art. Or a book. Or even an instrument you might play. 

And if you have a pet, introduce them. Always a nice way to add a cute twist to the conversation. Of course, pets have a way of introducing themselves so that could always happen too! Thing is, most people are curious creatures and will likely enjoy a little peek into your world.

Do Some Stargazing

Even if you can’t quite be together physically, it’s nice to do some stargazing and remember that we’re all still here under the same sky. If either of you is already somewhat celestially inclined, you might have a knack for observing constellations, stars, and planets already. Otherwise, treat it as something new, fun, and different that you can both experience for the first time together. 

Do a little bit of research, then figure out the best way to position yourselves while searching for your chosen object. Or keep it super simple, head out to the deck, relax with a glass of wine, and gaze upward as you enjoy quiet, easy conversation on video. Yes, it’ll be dark, but there’s something about this experience that’s soothing and relaxing, making it easy for you both to unwind as you enjoy this time together.

Rent a Movie

If going to the movie theater isn’t an option right now, either because it’s closed or because you aren’t close enough to each other to venture out, take advantage of a digital movie rental instead.

Many studios have released their newest films on major platforms, making it easy for the two of you to enjoy something that you would have gone to see in person. Pop some popcorn, grab your beverage of choice, sit back, and relax while you watch simultaneously. Keep your FaceTime dialogue going so you can enjoy every minute of it together.

Ending the Date

The beauty of video dating is that you have a million excuses if you need to end the date suddenly (“Oh no, my kitchen is flooding!”). If you’re part of the single parent dating scene, it’s not even an excuse to leave when you have to put your little ones to bed. Or you might have to be up at a crazy hour in the morning for work or another commitment to tend to before you head to bed. Whatever it is, make it clear at the beginning so there’s no awkwardness at the end. If all goes well, you’ll have another video date soon enough.

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