Could one dating tip change your entire life?

The answer is simple. 

Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. Absolutely 100% for sure! I think! 

After all, a pretzel stick could change your life if you accidentally poked an MMA fighter in the eye with it. And while we know getting a rib-shattering beat-down from a hypothetical martial arts professional is no laughing matter (try laughing with shattered ribs why don’t you), we did want to illustrate a point. 

What’s the point you say? Well, that is a fair question. This blog post does seem to be making some awfully grand promises! But I digress. Or am I just blabbing to get the word count up? Anyhow. Let’s please continue. 

The point is this. If a pretzel stick could change someone’s life, perhaps some advice related to dating could alter it even more? Because dating can lead to so many things. Big, meaningful things. Not always, of course. But for the purposes of this exercise, we’ll focus on potential outcomes that are positive. 

Oh look, a red callout. You'd think this would be a significant sentence.

Of course, I’m just realizing that I need some SEO-friendly search terms. Certainly not the reason we wrote this mildly stellar yet meandering piece of content but we do want good folks like you to find it. But back to those keywords. Like dating, single parent dating, and dating app. Ok, that should be good. 

And Google, we promise we’re not trying to game the system. These terms matter to us. They truly do. As do children, love, marriage, and life partners. And dating during Covid while baking salmon and drinking the top ten best protein shakes you can buy online for huge muscles, great looking abs, and a healthy you with super smooth, younger looking skin. Ok, that was a bridge too far. Sorry Google! 

Drum roll. The dating tip is this. 

If you want a serious relationship, use a dating app where other people are also looking for a serious relationship. Conversely, if you don’t want a serious relationship, don’t use a dating app where people are looking for a serious relationship. Hey wait, was that two tips? Guess you’ll just have to pick one. Fortunately they’re both borderline genius. 

Ok, my boss is telling me I need to plug heybaby now. 

When it comes to dating apps where people are looking for something real, longterm, rewarding, and soul-quenching, you really should know about heybaby. It’s a fun but serious way to meet singles who feel the same way you do. Not that we know how you feel. That would be incredibly presumptuous behavior for a blog post. 

And oh yeah, heybaby is for singles who want kids or have kids. That is a critical piece of information we should have mentioned in the previous paragraph. Maybe right after the hilarious boss comment and before the “meaningful, real, longterm, etc.” part. 

The moral of all this? 

Who knows. But please check out the heybaby dating app if you feel like it.

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